Reporting on mobile sales, device platforms and browsers used by your customers

In this article, we are going to look at reporting on how your customers are buying tickets, through mobile sales, browsers, and device platforms such as iPhone, iPad and Windows. With the upward surge of mobile online shoppers, and to help optimise ticket sales, your Ticketsolve front-end is fully mobile-responsive and gives your customer the same experience as traditional browsers. With Your Reports, we can delve into customer preferences across devices and browsers which can be useful information for your marketing strategies. 

Create a Your Report using the 'order with tags' filter

To start exploring this data, within Your Reports you will find a number of set tags that you can use. Building reports using these tags will enable you to segment your database according to a certain device, browser or operating platform used to buy tickets on your site. 

First, go to Reports > Your Reports and click Add New on the right of the screen.

1. Type the Name of your new report.

2. Select a Folder to save your report in.

3. Select Line Item Facts View.

4. It can be useful to also put in a description so you know what the report is for when looking at it in the future.

5. Click Save.


Now lets add in the appropriate tags to report on.

1. Go to the Add New button and from the filter list, choose ‘order with tags’.

2. Select the required tag from the list below. In this example, we want to report on customers using mobiles devices, so we select to add the tag 'mobile:true'. 

This will filter results to the specific tag you selected. For example, selecting 'mobile:true' will show you the results based on orders that were created on a mobile device.

3. You can also add any extra filters to further narrow down results, such as adding purchased on filters to specify the date range of sales you want to report on. 

4. Hit Save.


Now you have created your report, you can navigate to the Reporting Views.

Exploring the device data

We can now head to the Reporting Views to explore the data.

The Summaries tab will give you an overview of the revenue, tickets sold, orders placed and unique customers in this segment - in this example, we see 11 tickets purchased on mobile devices. 


If we click on the Shows Summary tab we can see the number of mobile customers for each show.

This can be useful information after a marketing campaign on a show, with for example, an Instagram ad.


You can explore the reporting with the many Reporting Views or download the report as a CSV.

Device, browser and platform tags list

Device - Mobile Tags

  • mobile:true
  • mobile:false

Browser Tags

  • browser:adobeair
  • browser:chrome
  • browser:edge
  • browser:firefox
  • browser:internet_explorer
  • browser:mozilla
  • browser:opera
  • browser:ruby
  • browser:safari

Platform Tags

  • platform:android
  • platform:ios
  • platform:ipad
  • platform:iphone
  • platform:linux
  • platform:macintosh
  • platform:windows
  • platform:x11

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