How to Set Up a Donation Product

In this article, we are going to look at how to set up a Donation Product - a great way to build customer relationships, generate extra revenue or fund capital investment for your organisation.

In Ticketsolve, Donation Products can be set up with Gift Aid so donations are effectively increased by 25%. You can set up Donations in a number of a ways:

  • As a donation link on your site. 
  • As a Prompt which will encourage customers to donate during the purchase journey.
  • Recommendation for specific events (e.g., linking a specific Donation Product to specific event). 

This article is split into two sections:

Creating a Donation Product

Go to Manage > Product

Click Add New + and fill in the details.

1. Product type: Select Donation product.

2. Name the Donation e.g., 'Support Us' or 'Make a Donation'.  

3. Comment: This text is displayed online and gives extra information about the donation. If you don't charge your customer a booking fee, you should definitely highlight this for customers. 

4. Active product? and Can be sold?: Set toggle to on (blue). 

5. Price: Enter a default donation amount. 

6. Allow price override?:Set toggle to on (blue)

7. Apply tax?: Set toggle to on (blue) if applicable.

8. Donation prices:  You can add or search multiple donation amounts so customers can alter how much they would like to donate. Amounts should be separated by commas, e.g., 1, 2, 5, 10, 25.

 Ticketsolve Tip

Research has shown that suggesting amounts leads to an increase in overall donations, as well as as an increase in donation amounts versus asking people to add a donation amount themselves.

9. Customer declaration: For UK based donations, enter the Gift Aid Declaration which customers can agree to if they would like to add Gift Aid to their donation.

 - Add the following tag to order if above customer declaration is agreed upon...: Add a tag, (i.e.,'giftaid') so that you can report on Gift Aid donations. If you do not add a tag, you will not be able to report on Gift Aid.


10. Priority: Set the Priority (99 being the highest and 0 being the lowest) to set the order multiple Donation products are displayed (higher numbers displayed first). 

11. Permit printed receipt?: Set toggle on (blue) or off as needed. 

12. Disable online sales?: Set toggle on (blue) to disable online sales or leave as is.

13. Assign to program:  - Select from the dropdown or leave it as No Program.

14. Postable?: Set toggle on (blue) and add Weight

15. Highlight colour: Add highlight colour to differentiate your Donation Products.

16. Tags: Add tags (e.g., 'donation') for Reporting and Prompts (more on Prompts below). 

17. Click Add.



Customer view of online donation appeal


Prompting Donations

Adding the 'prompt' tag to Donation Products will display the donation appeal during the ticket purchase process, making it easy for customers to donate. Once a customer adds tickets to the Cart,  they will be prompted to add a donation as part of the checkout process and can pay for their donation and tickets in one transaction. 

Prompt tag options

There are several ways that you can use Tags to configure when and where your Donation Product will appear. You can use any number of tags to get the configuration you need. 

Go to the Donation Product details page you need (Manage > Products > [Name of Donation Product].

In the Tags field you can add the following tags:

1. 'prompt' displays the Donation at checkout for all shows and events.

2. 'prompt_filter:[show_tag]' displays the Donation at checkout with specific shows only. The 'show_tag' should be the tag created on the Show details page, e.g., 'prompt_filter:comedyshowcase'.

3. 'skip_listing' prevents Donation product from listing on the general Donation page of your Ticketsolve pages. 

On the Show or Product details page:

Add 'no_prompt_donations' tag in the Tag field to stop the Donation from prompting with specific shows or products. This tag will exclude those shows and products, but prompt the Donation with all  other shows and products.


Editing text on the online donation prompt page

To edit the title and detail text that displays on the online donation prompt page:

Go to Settings > Public Website Snippets

In the Filter snippets search box search for:

1. "Public website cart donations agreement html." Add any text in the text box that you wish to display on the online donation prompt page. 

2. "Public website donations heading." Add a title in the text box to display online. For example,  <h1>We Need Your Help!</h1>

Want to know more?

If you'd like to learn more about how to run your own fundraising campaign through Ticketsolve, take a look at our Focus on Fundraising Academy session

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  • Is there a way of sending out a link to this donation via Mail Chimp?

  • Hi Lyndsay,

    Sure! Once you have created the donation, you will see it appear under the donations part of your ticket booking pages (e.g.

    If you tag your donation with covid19 - you can then filter that page specifically to that donation by adding ?tags=covid19 at the end of your URL, so for example

    You can then use this URL in your Mailchimp campaigns as well as a direct link from your home page if you want to highlight the campaign on there too.

    Please get in touch if you need any help :-)


  • Hi, this is really helpful thanks. We want to make a 'Covid Donation' product so those donations can be differentiated in reports. We already have a standard donation product set up. What is the best way to have our audience use the 'Covid Donation' instead in this current time? We currently have a link to our donations page.
    Thanks in advance :)

  • Hi Jay :)

    There are a few options here - you might for example want to offer only your new "Covid Donation" online, and set it to be "prompted" as part of the booking process. Alternatively you might prefer to allow customers to choose between the two different donations, particularly if the resulting funds are intended to be used in a different way.

    It might be best to give us a call or pop in a zendesk ticket outlining what you'd like to happen, and we can let you know how best to achieve that.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Hi, is it possible for a donation product to only appear upon checkout when customers have tickets for a certain event in their cart?


  • Hi Lewis,

    Yes, this is possible. Firstly you will need to tag the show and once you have set up the donation, add the following tags to it:

    prompt - This will allow the donation to prompt

    prompt_filter:[show_tag] - replace [show_tag] with the tag you added when you set up the show. For example, prompt_filter:comedyshowcase

    This step is important as it will only allow the prompt to appear on shows with the same tag as defined in the prompt_filter

    skip_listing - this will stop the donation from appearing in the general donations page on your Ticketsolve pages

    If you need more help contact us via Zendesk.


  • Brilliant, thanks Aoife!

  • Very welcome!

  • Hi there, I was wondering, if you have set up a donation product with multiple donation amount options, can you also have a default donation amount in the 'Enter your amount here' box? I have set it up but it's not showing it. Thanks.


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