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I wondered whether it would be possible for something to be implemented on the front end of the system for returning customers trying to create a new account using the same email address being told an account is already registered with those details and prompts them to log in. This would be really useful as on the front end users are automatically created a members which then means I cannot merge the accounts in the back end. This isn't an issue when customers book in person or over the phone as there is manual checking in place via box office staff. There could also be benefits here on customers cross-subscription to mailing lists as they could in-effect register several times and not reading from some accounts, hence skewing reports and increasing mailing list subscriptions, which could then increase costs with the Mailchip service.



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  • We'd find this useful too, as customers sometimes seem to forget that they have registered accounts with us. A prompt to log-in, plus a link to "forgot your password", would help counter act duplicates.

  • Definitely worth looking at.

  • Hi James and everyone, great request!

    This is something we've had on our own wishlist for sometime now and we literally discussed beginning to implement it in a meeting last Friday....were you listening in James!?

    We are working on improving the online login at the moment so we are now looking at this in tandem with that work. We expect the first slice of login improvements to be released in coming weeks so I'll update here when I know more.




  • This is great to know. Thank you for the update.

  • Hi Conor,

    Was listening to a marketing podcast tonight which mentioned the most simple way to double the number of people registering for an account is using 3rd party authentication to allow logging in through Facebook/Google/Twitter etc. It sounds like it's definitely something to look at to help improve the customer experience, especially on mobile, and would drastically reduce duplicated accounts. A prompt at checkout to update your details would probably be needed to capture contact number etc. 

    It just caught my attention tonight so thought I'd mention it here to see if it has ever been looked at or even possible within the platform.




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