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With the imminent changes in GDPR that now require customers to opt in for any marketing , please can we have the ability to put more than 4 different types of options and also be able to change the wording related to the marketing opt in at the back end, as we do with the front end. This will allow us to bespoke the marketing options available to customers and  also give customers the option to request communication in the Welsh language.



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    Hi folks,

    Thanks for your messages. We have a series of meetings coming up over the coming weeks to help us ascertain what the new legislation will mean for us and our customers. Once we establish this, then we can we can go about providing what's necessary to the existing software and getting that message to everyone.

    @Deb, we'll deal with this request as part of the wider picture of what will be required but it's something we'll definitely be looking at as an option.




  • Yeah it'd be great to know what plans Ticketsolve has for GDPR e.g. is there info session planned? etc. I know GDPR is something you have in the mix and mentioned at the User Day but great to know so we can try build our own approach with that in mind.



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