Additional Auto Reports

Hi all,

The new auto reports feature is great and has massively reduced the amount of emails/questions I get about ticket sales.

I wondered if there could be some additional report types/options available:

  • Being able to manually set the start and end dates for reports being emailed would be really useful. This would allow for forward planning with touring companies/producers.
  • Having a report type that enables you to omit the ticket income amount. Some users need to be able to receive just the sales figure. I believe the other report type available at the moment will just email every time a sale is made and not on specific dates/times.
  • A small change to either the current 'Events revenue' report to show where VAT is deducted from total revenue or a new report type entirely that allows for this feature.




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Mike Offland

I can concur with all of the above and would add the ability to send reports internally. My understanding is that currently e-mails to the same domain as the one Ticketsolve sends from do not reach the recipients.

Richard Hartwell

Can I second the request for the option to send sales numbers without the revenue? I need to set up an auto report of attendance numbers to a third party bar company so that they can book the correct number of staff for each event. I don't want or need to be sharing financials with them too.

Hopefully this is a really easy bit of development!



Bryony Bell

Agreed. One of our promoters has asked for the ability to see a breakdown of ticket types - particularly where they're selling Meet & Greet tickets, but useful in general - as well. And yes, it would be great to send numbers to a bar company without sales figures, and to send reports internally on selected 'key' shows without limiting access exclusively to those shows.

James Randell - AMATA, Falmouth University

Hi TS team,

Is there an update on these reports? I know some of the functionality has been added but being able to stop sending revenue figures with ticket sales numbers is still really important. This causes so many follow up emails explaining things that it can sometimes seem easier to pull a manual report as we are adding text to the email anyway.



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