Split Payments

For our popular shows we tend to get big groups come to the box office to get tickets together but they all want to pay seperately, this is fine if they all pay in cash because we are able to put it through as one payment (it is very rare someone asks for a receipt and in this case we would manually write one out for them) when there is more than one payment ticketsolve splits each individual ticket into however many payment types there are. This makes the daily reconcilliation report go from 2 or 3 pages to up to 20. 

Also for any film or live streamings we have tickets are sold on our cafe and are then entered onto ticketsolve after the event, when I have cash and card payments I often need to enter each one individually rather than all at once.

Does anyone else have a problem with the way this is allocated?

Is there going to be a fix to this?

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