Orders tab - concession detail


It would be really useful to have the detail of what concession/ box office type of ticket each customer has bought. Before each concert I need to establish how many limited mobility and carer/companions there are and where they are. 

This is so that I can ensure they are sat next to any wheelchairs in their party. At the moment it works better for me to split the booking between a discounted full priced seat and a full priced wheelchair seat. 

Currently the Orders tab, under the show, only shows master allocation and then if applicable the next tier: box office but not the actual ticket type e.g. limited mobility which sits under box office. This area is of course unreserved which is why I need to take the care: I prepare reserved signs for all of these individuals and place them in accordance to their needs.

If there is a better way of doing this with the current tools then please let me know. :)

Many thanks,



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