Reports vs User Access


I have a problem where the box office staff at the end of the day need access to a reconcilliation report that shows how much money was taken in the day AND a break down of the payment method for each show.

The reason for this is they have to complete a 'E-Return' for all cash payments so the money can be banked and the back office accountacy software knows which show the cash income is allocated to for  final show reconcilliation.

The current sales session report doesn't do this, it just shows on one page the total cash, credit card etc which has been taken in the session/day and on another page the total for each show without the aforementioned breakdown.

The report 'Accounts - Daily Reconcilliation' does have this information and is perfect for their requirements.


To have access to the report tab they are automatically given access to manage (if you knew my box office staff you would feel my pain/fear with this). I dont really want box office staff to have that level of access.


  1. Create a user role that gives access to the following main tabs 'Box Office', 'Customers' & 'Reports'.
  2. When the user is being set up next to the subscriptions checkbox list have an access check box list so that I can assign the main tabs depending on the member of staffs role in the theatre. (my preference).
  3. Change the sales session report so that it is more like the 'Accounts - Daily Reconcilliation' one.
  4. Crerating an automated email that will send the PDF to the box office staff (least prefered).

Thank you!!



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Niall - Pavilion Theatre

I like the idea of number two as well. Being able to choose which tabs people have access to makes it more flexible when dealing with lots of staff and departments.

Kai Aberdeen

I also meant to say that option 2. means for GDPR having a back office accounts dept. that is unable to view or have access to customers personal information can only be a good thing i.e. just giving them access to the reports tab - they dont sell tickets etc.

Bryony Bell

Agreed. I've just made my entire Box Office team into managers so they can run reports when working alone on small concerts/daytime shifts - but I haven't dared look at what other powers this gives them...

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