"Except" &/or "Except when" options for discounts

A way to explicitly exclude certain events/tags/prices/etc from a discount would be useful, as well as specifying conditions when a discount doesn't apply.

Depending on the discount, and especially when working with tags, it could sometimes be quicker to tag the shows/prices that you don't want to discount.

E.g. If I wanted to discount all shows with the tag 'comedy' except for 1 specific show that is also tagged with 'comedy' (and needs to stay tagged), currently the only way to do this would be to go through all of the comedy shows & give them a new unique tag to use with the discount except the 1 show that's not wanted.

Being able to just apply a tag like 'nodiscount' to the 1 show, and use that to exclude it from the discount even though it meets the earlier 'comedy' tag criteria would really speed up the process.

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Niall - Pavilion Theatre

This would be very useful for us too.

Good thinking, Alex.


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