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It would be helpful if the box office generated QR codes that can be used in brochures and on posters that will take the customer straight to the specific show to purchase tickets. 

because it is supplied by the box office it may well be able to supply analytics showing the journey from scanning to purchasing. With our current system we just know how many scans each QR code has had and no way of knowing if the customer purchased tickets as an end result.


when setting up a show: Manage>Shows>Showname at the top is 'Copy event URL' if there was an additional 'Copy event QR' then the code could be placed in the clipboard for use. 


If the QR code was treated the same as a tag then reporting might be achievable.



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  • Might be worth looking at Google's campaign URL builder.



    You can create URLs for your shows that feed additional information into google analytics when used. Turned into a QR code these are great for tracking how well print is performing. If you have google tag manager/analytics set up properly for Ticketsolve this should also allow you to track conversions from these specific links.

    Would still need a 3rd party solution to generate the QR code from the URL though as probably not feasible for Ticketsolve to do this.

  • Thank you Alex,

    We already do this but there is no way of monitoring if the QR scan has led to a sale.

    If Ticketsolve generated a QR code that had a 'tag' associated with it we could easily run analytic reports.

    I will look into the Google Campaign to see if it can track a QR from scanning to completion

  • In Google Analytics under Acquisition->Campaigns if you're able to see a value for transactions and revenue then any QR code that uses a Google Campaign Builder URL will directly feed into this section to show you conversions that resulted from that specific QR code, which you can set a unique campaign name for to identify it - essentially adding your own 'tags' to your URLs to work as you describe. Example below for one of our recent mailchimp emails that feeds into the campaign section.


    If you don't currently get this information within analytics then that would suggest you don't have Google Tag manager set up with Ticketsolve to track this which I'm sure support will be able to help you with.

  • Nice! - Thank you!


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