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Hi folks,

When someone starts using the guest account option with email address that already has an account attached to it, would it be possible to give them a prompt saying that there is an account attached to this email address, and the option of signing into that? Anecdotally, it seems that an awful lot of people just plain forget they have an account, which is adding to the number of duplicates getting created.




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    Hi all, 

    Just coming back to this request - sorry for the slow reply! 

    The best option to avoid duplicate accounts being created by customers online would be to set the online account option ("membership") as required (Settings > General Settings > "membership" setting > 'yes'). Setting this as required means that in order to checkout the customer must create an online account (membership) or log into an existing account, with no option to checkout as a guest. Online accounts (memberships) in Ticketsolve use email address as the identifier, meaning that if customers are required to login or create an account, they will only be able to have one customer record/online account per email address. If a customer tries to create a new membership/account with an email address already in your database, they will instead be prompted to login.

    The reason that Ticketsolve does not provide an existing account prompt for the guest checkout option is for security purposes. Telling customers that they might already have an account can risk revealing information about which email addresses are registered on a site, which attackers can exploit for brute force attacks and phishing. This also risks unauthorised disclosure of private information, leading to privacy concerns.

    To help clean up duplicate accounts, we can run a process to clean these up en masse for you - more info here. If you'd like to do this, just pop us a support ticket!

  • Agree - this would be nice to have!

  • I also agree, this would save a lot of time dealing with duplicate accounts

  • Are there any updates on this? We find this a real issue with our student audience specifically

  • Agreed - teams should not have to spend time merging duplicate records, so anything that can remove or limit the possibility of adding duplicate accounts would be ideal. 

    I'm aware that other systems use the email address as the unique identifier in order to avoid duplicate email records being created.


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