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Expiry dates on discount codes would be useful - We issue Discount Coded Cinema Vouchers to competition winners so they can be used online (these discount a ticket by 100%)......would be great if we could make just the code automatically expire rather than doing-it manually.  Making an end date for the discount is not practical as we add more codes to it on a regular basis.




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  • I could see a need for this in a few circumstances.

  • I agree with this and would like to take it slightly further.

    We pre-print our raffle vouchers with the code on it so it would be useful in the 'Manage Codes' section to have column next to 'Created On' with a date field for each row of code with the heading 'Issued On'. That way the the twelve month expiry clock can start when they are issued and not when they are created.

    Otherwise if I mass produce a lot of codes and print them onto vouchers by the time I issue them they may only have a few months left on them.

  • I agree with all the above and would like to add a request to be able to set a start time and end time for discounts. We often use them for priority booking but in order to end that period, relies on someone being able to and remembering to switch off the discount.

    Also we sometimes run 24 hour promotions that are advertised with a start time - and again needs someone to tick the right box at the right time!


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