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Three points:

We have members to our estate and due to the way we run it, we have to use a different system for membership. There are three points that would benifit us

- Change the term used for online account holders to "account", not memberhsip as its currently called. As we run a memberhsip system its very confusing.

-Have the ability to take a photo and attach to an account, and have a second name attached to an account

-Have the ability to attached a barcode to an account so that our members can have a card that allows them access to the estate with their own id card with photo and barcode on it.



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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback and comments. This is something we are aware of and have passed this feedback onto our Development Team. We understand that the wording is confusing for both customers and Box Office.

    It is something we will be updating in the future, however we don't have a definitive timeline just yet. We will keep all customers updated on this change when it is implemented. 

    Emily, in terms of a photo and barcode for your members it's not something we are currently looking into at the moment, but I will pass the suggestion onto the rest of the team.



  • I second the changing 'membership' to 'account', is very confusing.

  • I would also agree. We commonly refer to it as opening an account with us as a venue instead of becoming a member as the terminology could mean to different things. We started by using 'membership' but customers kept refusing as they thought they were signing up to pay for something.

  • I also agree to the change of wording to 'account', as we have a paid membership scheme which causes confusion .

  • Also in favour of changes which avoid confusion between a paid membership vs registering for an account. 

  • yeah I agree, had a few issues with the wording of this with customers.

  • Just commenting to keep this 'top of mind' for new updates! :) 


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this. I'll keep you updated with any developments on this feature.



  • This is an ancient post, but having just set up a (paid) Membership scheme - agreed


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