Allow order batch print inside postal guard


Recently noticed an issue with how the postal guard works.

Once postal guard on a show takes affect, it correctly removes the postage as an option for future orders.

However, any orders with postage already that that hadn't yet been printed are no longer included in the order batch.

We have switched from a card fee to a postage fee following legislation change, and as many venues do, we print orders the following day.

This means that customers who order the day before the postal guard takes affect aren't being included in the order batch and therefore aren't receiving the service they paid for.

There's no easy way to tell when this has happened outside of manually checking recent orders on upcoming events, or waiting until the customer calls up asking why their tickets haven't arrived.


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Nick Stevenson

Hi Alex,

You're correct, if someone orders postage for an event and that event then falls within the postal guard before the order is printed out then those tickets are moved into the event batch.

Unfortunately though there isn't really a way around this, as this is how the postal guard works.

What time of the day are you doing your order batches?

If its first thing in the the morning it may be worth running one at the end of the day as well to catch any that may get moved into the event batch the next day.

Best Regards,

David D

Alex Minor - The Civic, Barnsley

Posted in the right place this time, sent as a request by mistake.

For now I think we'll just reduce the postal guard from 7 days to something like 2 days so it affects less customers, but still have 7 days listed in our terms.

Becca Ritchie-Timms

Hello Alex,

Well spotted! I haven't noticed this happening however I am pretty on it with the post and we only have 20 concerts a year so it's not very difficult to organise however when a customer doesn't receive their tickets, they are rightly very upset (we do have the odd set go missing in the post).

I would appreciate this being fixed. If you hear back on your request please let us know... or if someone from TS could check and let us know here that would be great. 

Thanks :)

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