Automated PRS submission forms

When we set up a show can there be there were two fields added?

One a PRS check box which if ticked would mean that it would be included in a PRS form - preferably underneath the 'taxed' checkbox.

and the other under that where the PRS percentage could be added i.e. 4.2% normal or 0.5% variety.

Then in reports a new PRS report be ready the when the user inputs a date range it automatically generates all the information required for a PRS submission including how much the theatre should be billed for for each period. then we can reconcile the PRS invoice quickly and also budget accordingly.

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James Randell - AMATA, Falmouth University

I would also welcome PRS reports but would need an option to amend the tariff percentages as we will not all be on the same payment tariff (I.E. we are on a University tariff).

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