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I wonder if there is away to print a little indicator on the address portion of a set of tickets that would allow box office staff to easily see if someone is opted in for print marketing. Therefore they might be more easily able to include flyers etc with the tickets when they post them out.

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Alex Minor - The Civic, Barnsley

You can include flyers for similar products with someone's order under 'legitimate interest', if your privacy policy reflects that, far as I understand. Postal marketing doesn't always require explicit consent like email.

However, even under legitimate interest, if a customer asks you to stop a direct marketing activity, you have to stop.
This isn't really compatible with the way ticketsolve currently records opt-ins (the binary checkbox), as anyone that hasn't said 'Yes' has by default said 'No'.

So there's not really a way to tell if a customer has explicitly objected to such marketing without implementing your own process for recording objections, & detailing to customers via the privacy policy the way that they can object to getting flyers with their tickets separate from the marketing checkbox on their account.

Though, unless you stuffed their envelope with so many flyers it was near bursting I don't think any customer actually would object to the odd flyer included with their tickets.

If the checkbox was instead a dropdown with ?, X & ✓ that would resolve the ambiguity.

? - Default. Customer left the dropdown blank, or wasn't asked their preference at box office.
Legitimate interest mailings allowed

X - Explicit 'No'
No marketing whatsoever

✓ - Explicit 'Yes'


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