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I've posted this here before, but was quite some time ago in 2019 and wondered if there was any movement. I'd love to be able to essentially tag Event Categories that filter through to the front end with multiple art form types (I.e. 'Theatre' and 'Dance') where this is appropriate. It is fairly common in our venue when an art form spans multiple disciplines to need to then create a specific tag when if the customer were to filter on the front end (or us use the filter URL in a specific marketing campaign) for it to then only show that specific event, instead of anything tagged with 'Theatre' and 'Dance' for example.




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    Hi James,

    I hope you're well. I can give you a shout about this separately to discuss in more detail if needed but you can filter shows by tag already.

    All you need to do is tag the shows and add ?tags=thetag to the end of your url. This tool is currently being rolled out on ticketbooth and should be released with the deploy on Thursday. You can test it then but, for example, if you have shows tagged with 'theatre' and use this url it will bring you to a list of all shows filtered with that tag. 

    If you have any questions just get back to us or email





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