Gifting of Digital Gift Vouchers

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The Gifting of Gift Vouchers feature allows Money Voucher products to be sold and purchased as gifts, with a digital Gift Voucher being emailed to the recipient on a chosen date, along with a personalised gift message.

How does Gifting of Gift Vouchers work?

This feature allows your Money Voucher products to be purchased as gifts and emailed directly to the recipient, either instantly or on a future date. All that's needed to send a digital voucher as a gift is the recipient name, email address, message, and the date the voucher should be sent.

On the chosen date, the digital voucher will land in the giftee's inbox ready for them to redeem, along with the sender's personalised gift message.


Gifted Vouchers will only be digital i.e., the voucher will be emailed to the recipient. This feature does not enable Vouchers to be gifted by post.

Setting up Vouchers to be gifted

There's nothing you need to turn on to use this feature, as all Voucher products will have the gift option by default. however, there's a few things you'll want to consider to make sure you'll get the most out if it.

A specific E-Gift or Digital Voucher Money Product

If you already offer postable gift vouchers, we'd recommend creating a specific Money Voucher product named "E-Gift" or "Digital Gift Voucher" that is to be used for the gifting feature, so that if you already offer postable gift vouchers, the gifted digital vouchers aren't confused with that. 

The design of your Money Vouchers

The email the giftee receives contains a link to download the voucher to their device as a PDF (in the same way that tickets / vouchers are downloaded from the Checkout Mailer). The downloaded voucher pulls from the setting called "template_data_print_at_home_product".

We'd recommend checking the design you have in this setting for your Money Voucher products (you might have it set at Account level which applies to all your products, or you might have it set at a Product level so that a different design is used per product). If you need a hand, read our guide on designing and setting up Gift Vouchers for Print at Home/E-ticket.

To include the recipient name on the downloaded voucher, use the merge field {{ gift_recipient_name }} within your template design.

Removing gifting from Money Vouchers

To stop a specific Voucher product from having the gift option, add the Tag 'not_giftable' to the Voucher product in question. When this is added, the Voucher product will no longer have the option to purchase as a digital gift voucher to send to a recipient on your Ticketsolve website or at the Box Office.

Gifting Vouchers online 

On the Products page, each Money Voucher will now have a new button underneath the usual quantity selector that reads Add as Gift.

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To send a Voucher as a gift online customers will need to:

1. Click the Add As Gift button.

2. A pop-up will open with the following fields to complete:

  • Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Delivery Date (required)
  • Message (optional)

Important: A delivery date will always need to be populated (the customer won't be able to proceed if a date isn't added). So, if the gift needs to be sent immediately, today's date needs to be added in.

Gifts scheduled for future dates will be sent at 9am on the selected date.

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3. When the fields are complete, they will need to click Save to add the product to the Cart.

4. The customer can now proceed through the checkout process to complete their order.

Good to know...

Once the pop-up box has been completed and saved so the Money Voucher gift is in the Cart, a Gift to: [Name] label will appear in the cart pop-up along with a badge denoting the quantity of vouchers on the Add to Gift button to visually reinforce to the customer that the voucher has been added to Cart as a gift. 

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As the customer goes through the checkout journey, the gifted voucher is easily readable in the Cart and the Gift to: [Name] label is clickable at any point so the user can edit the recipients details if they need to. 

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Gifting Vouchers at Box Office

When a Money Voucher product is now selected from the Products tab, a new As as gift tab will appear at the top of the window header. 

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To sell a Money Voucher as a gift at Box Office:

1. Click into the As a gift tab and you will see a pop-up.

2. The following will need to be completed:

  • Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Delivery Date (required)
  • Message (optional)

Important: A delivery date will always need to be populated (the customer won't be able to proceed if a date isn't added). So, if the gift needs to be sent immediately, today's date needs to be added in.

Gifts scheduled for future dates will be sent at 9am on the selected date.

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Before saving, double check with the customer that all the details are correct. It's much easier to change the details now than after the order has been processed.

3. When complete, click Update Cart to save the information and add the Voucher product to the Cart as a gift.

4. The order can now be processed and confirmed. 

Good to know...

Once added to Cart, a Gift: [Email] label will appear underneath the Money Voucher listing. This Gift: [Email] label is clickable at any point so the user can edit the recipients details.

Clicking on this label will re-open the gift detail pop-up so any editing of details can be processed before the order is confirmation. 

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When an order has been confirmed, it is easy to identify when a Money Voucher has been gifted and the recipient. When viewing an order (Search Orders > View Order), on the Order Summary page the Gift: [Email] label is visible next to the name of the Money Voucher product.

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Receiving the Gifted Voucher

The recipient of the gifted Money Voucher will receive an email on the day the voucher was selected to be sent. It will contain the name of the Ticketsolve account the Voucher was purchased on, the gift message left by the sender, voucher redemption code, and a link to download the voucher.

By default, the email will be plain text:

Gifting Vouchers 10 v2.png

To style the email, like our other email templates, you can use HTML - just make sure you keep the {{ voucher }} merge field as this is where all the information including the personal message pull through from. We've created a ready-made HTML template that you can edit and customise in Mailchimp:

Gifting Vouchers 12 v2.png

To use the template, make sure you're signed into Mailchimp and then click this link to open up the Gifting Voucher email template.

The customer sending the voucher will receive the standard Checkout Mailer (Confirmation email) listing the Money Voucher product and with a note to say it was gifted, and the recipient's email address.


If you have an expiry time set on your Money Voucher products, e.g. 12 months, when a voucher is gifted on a future date, the expiration time will only start from the date the voucher is sent to the recipient (and not the date of purchase).

Amending and Resending Gifted Vouchers

Updating recipient details, send date or resending

If the recipient details need amending after an order has been confirmed, or you need to resend the voucher, this can be done easily.

1. Go to either Search Orders > find the order > click on it to load the pop-up, or click View order to load the Order Summary page.

2. Click into the Gift: [Email] label. 

3. Update the details as required. Note, you will not be able to change the delivery date if the voucher has already been sent. If you only need to resend the voucher, just make a small edit to one of the fields e.g. the message to enable the Resend option. 

4. Click Update to save (or Update and Resend if the voucher has already been sent).


You will need to create a brand-new order and use the original incorrect voucher to pay for the new order:

1. Get the redemption code for the original (incorrect) voucher.

2. Process a new order at Box Office, selling a new gifted voucher for the original amount and with the correct recipient details.

3. On the Payment Options screen select Voucher as the payment method.

4. Use the original Voucher to pay for the new order by pasting the redemption code to search for it and then selecting it.

6. Click Pay Now.

5. Click Confirm Order to confirm the new order as normal.

The original / incorrect voucher will now have 0 balance on it so is unusable, and you will have a new second order with the correct recipient details. 

It is not possible to refund a gifted voucher that has already been sent to the recipient in the standard way. If you need to do refund a gifted voucher that has already been sent, you will need confirm that the voucher has not been redeemed, and then refund the customer outside of Ticketsolve (e.g. on Global Payments or via chip & pin) and then contact Ticketsolve Support to request they zero off the voucher and destroy the order.


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