Segment your Audience for Mailchimp Marketing Campaigns

This article explains how you can easily segment your customers in Ticketsolve for more targeted Mailchimp marketing campaigns. Segmenting your customers to send targeted marketing, rather than blanket emailing your whole database, is a really good way of getting higher engagement and better results from your marketing campaigns.

Once your Ticketsolve account has been integrated with your Mailchimp account, you won't need to export email addresses and manually upload them into Mailchimp - our integration allows you to sync segmented customer lists to Mailchimp with just a couple of clicks. 

This tutorial is designed for customers who have an understanding of Your Reports. If you are new to Your Reports check out this article. 

Create a Customer Segment in Your Reports

1. The first thing you will need to do is create a report within Your Reports.

2. In this example, we want a segment of customers who purchased for Music events i.e. shows where the event category 'Music' was added when the show was programmed so we'll name our report appropriately. 

3. Create a report making sure to select a 'line item facts' report type, because we want to be looking at ticket sales data.

4. Click Save.


Now, we can add our filters to create the segment of customers.

5. Click Add New and select your filter(s).

In this example we are searching for the filter 'events of category' and selecting to include events in the Music category


6. Now we want to add a second filter to only bring in customers who have opted in for email marketing. To do this click Add New again and find the 'opted in for email' filter, and toggle it to Yes (blue).

 Ticketsolve Tip

Although Mailchimp will filter out any customers who are not opted in for email marketing when you push this segment across, it's best practice to add the opted in for email filter in when creating the report. It'll also give you a better idea of the number of customers in your segment that will be pushed across to Mailchimp and sent the campaign, as we'll see below.


7. Now we've added our filters, we can go to the Summaries Reporting View to see your total unique customer count.  


Now you are ready to add this segment to a customer email list. It's a good idea to take note of the name you gave the report as we recommend you use the same name for the list. 

Create the Customer Email List

The next step is to add this report as a segment.

1. To do this go to Customer > Customer Email Lists. 


2. Here you will need to add the report that you created in Your Reports. To start the process, click on the Add New button.


3. Create a name for your segment. Important: The name you give the Customer Email List is the name of the Tag in Mailchimp that this segment will be saved in.

4. Click the Add Customer Email List button.


5. To add the customer segment, click into the dropdown field next to the Add field.

6. From the drop-down select the Your Report that you created. If there are a lot of reports in the list you can use the search field to find your report as shown below.

7. Click the Update Email list button. 


Finding the Segment (Tag) in Mailchimp

1. Head over to Mailchimp and get your campaign set up.

2. When selecting who to send the campaign click the audience that is synced with Ticketsolve and then expand the Segment or Tag dropdown.

3. Customer Email Lists from Ticketsolve are saved in Mailchimp as a Tag.

4. Choose the name of the Customer Email List you just created, which will be listed under Tags.


Now you have completed the process of creating the customer segments and successfully syncing to Mailchimp. You can continue to design your email and send it as you would usually do. Good luck with the campaign!

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