Tasks: Your Ultimate Productivity Toolkit - Academy

28 February 2024

Chris, Lucy and Natalie - along with guests from the Ticketsolve Community - delved into Ticketsolve's new CRM & productivity tool - Tasks

The session included:

  • ✅Why we built Tasks and how it can help you
  • ✅Best-practises for using the Tasks tool
  • ✅Real-world examples (#Taskspiration) from the Ticketsolve Community
  • ✅What's next in Ticketsolve regarding CRM and productivity

Download the slide deck PDF including Sveta and Aaron's Taskspiration!

From assigning tasks to keep the Box Office team busy (including the ones that no one wants to do 😉), planning your next season launch across departments, or somewhere to record both daily to-dos and long-term goals, Tasks is your toolkit to better organisation, improved collaboration and boosted productivity 🚀

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