Finding the right Segmentation Model for your Organisation - Academy

17 June 2021

In this Academy Nick guides you through everything you need to know about segmentation. He explores the concept of segmentation, the various types available, specialised models for the arts, and how you can implement a successful segmentation strategy within your organisation. We also explore case studies showing how you can save time and money on your marketing.

The topics covered in this academy include the importance of segmentation, the different types of segmentation, segmentation models within the arts, implementing your segmentation model, and how to target these segments.

If you have any questions after watching the webinar back, please get in touch with us. 

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Putting segmentation into practice, see this article for a step by step guide on how to segment your audience for Mailchimp campaigns on Ticketsolve

Segment your Audience for Mailchimp Marketing Campaigns

We've also added the slides below so that you can download them yourselves.

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